What is The Great Ghost Story Auction?
The Great Ghost Story Auction pulls together brilliant storytellers in support of 826 New Orleans, a new youth writing center in the 7th Ward neighborhood. If you're the winning bidder, your storyteller will call you and read you (and whoever you share this experience with) a ghost story written by a young New Orleans writer from one of our programs. 

Why are you doing this?
Later this year we're opening a Youth Writing Center later this year and becoming 826 New Orleans, a part of the acclaimed 826 National network. In addition to serving as writing centers, each 826 chapter operates a unique retail storefront designed to transport students into a creative, inspiring environment. 826 New Orleans, located in the city’s 7th Ward neighborhood, will open our center with a Haunting Supply Company storefront. So ghost stories are a beautiful fit.

How does the call work?
If you're the winning bidder, we'll find a time that works for both you and the storyteller. They will call you, introduce themselves, and read the story. This can be done on speakerphone with friends, or just one-on-one. Beyond that, each storyteller will handle the call in a way that works best for them.

When does the auction take place?
It began on October 5 at our A Dark and Stormy Night fundraiser, and runs through Halloween.

What does my donation support?
826 New Orleans is the evolution of Big Class, a nonprofit organization that has been working to publish and celebrate New Orleans’s young writers since 2010. 826 New Orleans will be the newest chapter of the renowned 826 National network, and the first in the South.

With your help, 826 New Orleans will be a space of creative possibility for New Orleans' youth, educators, and families, allowing us to double the students we serve annually through our innovative approach to literacy. 

It will serve as a hub for literacy, hosting students, teachers, and community members year-round and offering exciting, innovative school-day, after-school, weekend, and summer programming that seeks to energize and elevate educational practices in New Orleans.

More questions?
Reach out to Doug Keller, Executive Director of Big Class, at