Are you looking for any particular poem-type or theme? 
No! While you're more than welcome to follow the prompts and inspiration on our blog, or to be inspired by the glory of pizza, we are also excited to share personal work and work being done in classrooms around New Orleans. The aim of Pizza Poetry is to highlight youth voices in the city.

I am a teacher with lots of students and little time to type their amazing poems. Can you help? 
We can arrange to get hard copies from you and to type them up at. E-mail us at pizzapoetry@bigclass.org or call 504.308.1423 to coordinate. 

Are poetry submissions due by a certain date? 
All poetry submissions are due to by Friday, April 6th at 4 PM.

How can my work/my class be featured on the blog? 
We’d love to hear how you’re interpreting the project in your classroom. Please reach out and let us know what’s going on in your classroom for Pizza Poetry and/or National Poetry Month. Often we’ll coordinate with classes to do showcases on our blog. Additionally, as we receive great poetry we'll be sharing it on the blog.

Tell me more about Pizza Poet Laureates!
We will be electing the five top poems from each participating age group (6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-18). Only the poems of public school students will be eligible for these awards. Each Pizza Poet Laureate will receive a prize, a chance to read their work at the Pizza Poetry Party, and will be published in The Pizza Poetry Anthology 2018.

Will every poem be published?
No. Because Pizza Poems are shared far and wide, we aim to publish the most hilarious, thoughtful, introspective, goofy, and memorable poems. Last year, we received over 550 submissions. We do want to share as many poems as possible from our submission pool, though we do not guarantee that every single poem will be published. We hope this will motivate students to work hard to write the best poem they've ever written.

How will I know that someone received the poem I submitted?
You will receive an email confirming your submission. We're also encouraging our pizza-eaters/readers to instagram and tweet photos of the poems with the hashtag #pizzapoetry18. So be sure to track that hashtag on April 27th! 

What if I have a question that isn't covered here?
Email pizzapoetry@bigclass.org and we'll be in touch!