For Educators

Big Class is passionate about helping teachers get their students excited about writing. Below, find some resources for bringing Big Class programming to your school, and ideas for writing in your classroom.

We are kicking off the 2017-2018 school year with exciting projects!

The Spooky Stories Project is a compilation of spooky stories inspired by images in and around New Orleans to be released in October. We're offering one-hour long workshops for grades 1-12. Registration for this workshop is now closed–keep an eye out for the book in October!

The Good Troublemakers Project champions for change through writing. This year the project will focus on schools, and allow students the opportunity to share their personal experiences, and ideas on how to improve schools. We're offering hour-long workshops for grades 1-12. Read some Frequently Asked Questions about the project hereRegistration for this workshop is now closed–keep an eye out for the forthcoming book!

Unfathomable City Curriculum: Big Class educators created the innovative project-based writing and social studies curriculum for Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas, which can be found here.

Big Class staff is always excited to connect with educators who are passionate about writing and creativity, and we are available to visit your school and deliver presentations on our resources. Reach out to Program Director Kyley Pulphus for more information.

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