Big Class's mission is to cultivate and support the voices of New Orleans' writers ages 6-18 through creative collaborations with schools and communities.

Shop our newest publications! In the 2016-2017 school year, we've published two perfect-bound books: a collection of personal histories by 11th graders entitled History Between These Folds and a selection of letters about the 2017 presidential election I Want You to Know Something About Me.

When Big Class's Youth Writing Center opens next year, its storefront will be the New Orleans Haunting Supply Co. The web store is already up, which also features Big Class's student publications. 

Big Class is seeking volunteers to work one-on-one and in small groups with young writers on in-school book projects this Winter and Spring.  To get started, fill out a volunteer application.

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Members of our Ghostwriters Guild create sustainable support to the 1,500 New Orleans youth we serve through our innovative writing programs. Join the Ghostwriters Guild today.

"My path was shaped a bit by the fact that certain states cook without seasoning. Being a kid of New Orleans I am used to eating with a lot of flavor."
-Darrius, Grade 11, from History Between These Folds

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