Big Class's mission is to cultivate and support the voices of New Orleans' writers ages 6-18 through creative collaborations with schools and communities.

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Courageous, Eccentric, Diverse: New Monuments for New Orleans written by the third graders of Homer A. Plessy Community School, is now available for purchase!

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Shop our newest publicationsSomething Ain't Right is a collection of spooky stories by youth throughout New Orleans.



Construction on the forthcoming 826 New Orleans Youth Writing Center is in full swing! We will open our doors in early 2018 as a hub for literacy, creativity, and self-expression.

When Big Class becomes 826 New Orleans in 2018, we will open the New Orleans Haunting Supply Co., a storefront supplying good and services for the supernaturals of the Crescent City.

"My path was shaped a bit by the fact that certain states cook without seasoning. Being a kid of New Orleans I am used to eating with a lot of flavor."
–Darrius, Grade 11, from History Between These Folds

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