Big Class's mission is to cultivate and support the voices of New Orleans' writers ages 6-18 through creative collaborations with schools and communities.

Latest News

The Pizza Poetry Project celebrates National Poetry Month and the power of youth voices by publishing poems by New Orleans’ young writers onto pizza boxes.

New Monuments for New Orleans, created by 3rd Graders at Homer A. Plessy Community School

From beignets to Ruby Bridges, Homer Plessy to crawfish, pelicans to magnolias, this book is filled with students' ideas of new monuments for our city—monuments for all people.

Coming April 27: The 826 New Orleans Youth Writing Center

Construction of the 826 New Orleans Youth Writing Center is in full swing! When we open on April 27th, the Center will allow us to double the students we serve annually through our innovative approach to literacy.


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"Pizza, square or round,
Tastes great from countries all around
Pepperoni and cheese,
Having children begging please" 

–Austin, grade 5, Einstein Charter School

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