How does A Dark and Stormy Night support young writers?

Learn more about how Big Class's Halloween literary costume and cocktail party supports our city's young writers.

1. They gain crucial writing skills

Big Class programs are project-based, engaging students over an extended period of time with the goal of publishing a book. Our programs are challenging and fun, and always emphasize individuality and imagination.

Along the way, students gain essential writing skills that improves the experience of confidently sharing their work with a wider audience.

2. They get a chance to flex their creative muscles

Big Class programs encourage students to practice and hone their writing skills outside of academic contexts. 

We believe in cultivating a sense of possibility that allows for creativity, joy, humor, and weirdness.

3.  They learn about themselves in the process

Student voice is placed at the forefront of any Big Class program. 

We believe that powerful youth become powerful adults.

4.  They collaborate with other students in safe spaces

Big Class offers safe spaces for young people to come together, think creatively, and write. 

Last year, 90% of students reported that Big Class helped them improve their abilities to work well with others. 

When students feel supported, the creative and collaborative possibilities are endless.

5. They attain a sense of empowerment

All Big Class programs culminate in a finished product that students can hold in their own hands and feel proud of. 

We also throw a publishing party for students to share their wonderful work with their teachers, friends, and family. 

We believe providing young people with opportunities to publish and celebrate their work builds self-empowerment and paves a pathway to future success.

In addition to raising crucial funds that make our work possible, A Dark and Stormy Night is a a great reason to dress your spookiest, drink delicious cocktails, and bid on fantastic auction items. 

Join us for this spooky celebration of young writers, creativity, and all things literary: