It Was a Dark and Stormy Night:

5 reasons to don your best human disguise and join us at the Felicity Church on October 20th for Big Class's second annual literary Halloween fundraiser.

1. We've got the spirit(s).

A Dark and Stormy Night centers around a ghost story cocktail contest.
We've enlisted some of the best cocktail bars in New Orleans to concoct their spookiest (and tastiest) beverages. 
There will be a scary-good panel of judges presiding over the competition, featuring 11 amazing bars. However, they won't be the only ones weighing in; attendees will also have the opportunity to choose their favorite cocktails!

2. We've got the goods.

At A Dark and Stormy Night, you can look forward to an auction with a host of spooky specials.

Bid for an award-winning author like R.L. Stine, Walter Isaacson, and Dave Eggers to call you up and tell you a ghost story.

Additionally, we've got Saints tickets, signed books, hotel stays, and lots more!

3. We've got the purpose.

A Dark and Stormy Night raises essential funds to help Big Class do what we do best: help young people get excited about writing.

Last year, Big Class worked with 1,244 students and released 37 publications.

Funds raised at this event will allow us to continue supporting New Orleans's young writers and deepen our impact.

4. We've got our eyes on the future.

Big Class is in the process of building a Youth Writing Center in the 7th Ward, opening Summer 2017. A Dark and Stormy Night will support our efforts to make our new home an inclusive, supportive, creative space that reaches as many young people as (in)humanly possible.

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5. We've got the fun.

Want to join us for this evening of haunts, named one of's Best Parties of 2015? 
Interested in supporting and celebrating New Orleans's brilliant young writers? 
Get your tickets below and we'll see you (unless you forget that human disguise) on October 20th.