Call for Volunteers: Dear President-Elect Workshops

In response to last week's election results Big Class is pushing into classrooms across the city to facilitate letter-writing workshops to help young people process and share their voice about the election and the issues surrounding it. All of the work will be collected in a chapbook published by Big Class.

We need volunteers to help with this effort. Over the next few weeks we'll be scheduling these workshops during school hours (9:00-4:00). We are still developing the schedule with teachers so if you're interested in working one-on-one or in small groups with students to help them write these pieces, and if you have availability within that window, email so we can add you to a list of potential volunteersYou'll receive additional details as we schedule these engagements.

Finally, we will also need Spanish-speaking volunteers. If that's you, let me know as well!

Thanks, everyone.