Family: Soroan

Physical Appearance: He looks like a bottle of mascara wearing a gas mask. He's like 10 feet tall. The gas mask is black and silver. The mascara bottle is pink and smelly.

Habitat: Sewers, swamps

Range: New York

Diet Sewer gas and swamp gas

Social Structure: Likes to hang out with other creatures in the Soroan family (i.e. Heat-Mask-Mania).

Favorite Activities: Going around the swamps and throwing mustard gas canisters, fighting other nearby monsters and stuff, talking

Sounds: It speaks English and Russian. English with other members of the family, Russian with everyone else. 

Does not like: The clopusite, eggs, except raw eggs.....

Observations in the wild: One day I was on a swamp boat and I heard something in the swamp. i got closer in the boat. I saw a huge Gasmascera and it started speaking Russian at me. It tried to throw mustard gas at me, but right before he threw it, I put my own gas mask on and he got confused. I took one picture and then the camera ran out of film. i had never seen a feature like that before, so I named it Gasmascera. I wanted it as a pet. 

Otto Benischek from Undrawable Fauna