Student Writing: "Love Planet" by Kaiya Piper

My planet has 1,000 people. They love to hug and kiss. The grown ups are 21 and older. The kids are 8 and younger. You go straight from being 8 to being 21. The Queen of Love has powers to save the lovers. They eat chicken and pizza and fried chicken and pork chops. 

When the cloud strikes, they have Mad Day. When they get struck by lightening, the lovers' faces change to the darkest red ever. When Mad Day comes everything is dull and everybody fights with each other. The cry until the end of Sad Day. They get sad and happy and mad and the lovers say sorry after mad day and the lovers cry and cry. 

They cry that they will never stop until Sad Day is over and when Happy Day comes they all hug and kiss. The lovers forgive each other. The lovers forget the mad and sad thing, and they stay happy. The queen said I'm happy and she kissed all of the lovers. Mad Day never came again. They have been happy for 9,000 years. 

-- Kaiya Piper, 3rd grade, published in A New Planet in Space