Student Writing: "Revenge" by Midley Toyo

My name is Lord Cobra. One day, I was robbing a bank. Then, I when I went outside, I got struck by lightning. It felt good because I was a little evil, and I kind of liked it. And because I was robbing when the lightning struck, the robbing and the electricity combined into a superpower. Then I kept getting superpowers. That's when I noticed what my real power was: It was taking other people's powers. They would still have their powers, but I would have it too. I chose to be a villain. My villain name would be something with robber in it. "I got it! Mad Robber," I said, "It is a perfect evil name." It was just a perfect name for an evil, heartless villain like me.

-- Midley Toyo, 3rd grade, published in Will you be my Sidekick?