The Big City Panda

Panka was so hot and so cute! She went to Paris, but what Panka didn't know was that Paris was so hot in the summer! Panka loved her sweet Panda fur! Now she wished she could cut it all off! Panka was hot and lost in Paris! Then, Big Freedia found Panka and gave her a home!

After Big Freedia was done with Panka, she never went homeless again! She was like Big Freedia's twin! Soon, Panka tried to steal Big Freedia's life. She started to use her credit card and go to all her concerts. Panka tried to dance and sing like her, too. The crowd liked Panka better.

Big Freedia's agent heard of this and did not like her. He paid people to drop the Eiffel Tower on Panka, and they did. Panka died that day. They buried her where the Eiffel Tower once had been. Then, Big Freedia came to dance on her grave. This bought Panka back to life, and Big Freedia told her not to be a mean Panka anymore.

Arianne Beraud from Animals Stuck in Paris