Volunteer of the Month: April 2015

Congrats to our April Volunteer of the Month, Raven Crane! Read our interview with Raven here:

What first brought you to Big Class? 
What first brought me to Big Class was Big Classmate Jenna Knoblach. She purchased a pizza with Pizza Poetry on it. I thought I really want to help out with something like this. That experience along with all her stories of how much fun she had volunteering!  
What keeps you coming back?
What keeps me coming back to Big Class are the interesting projects and hearing all the creative stories Big Class students come up with. Along with all the volunteers who care about what they do!
What are some skills you have that help you out at Big Class?
My ability to making learning fun. Whether it's helping the kids act out the story or thinking of more creative ways to brainstorm!
What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced at Big Class?
Not being able to do all the projects. But I do try to help out with as many as my schedule allows. 
What are some great pieces of writing you’ve helped with? Tell us the story behind them if you can.
It's so hard to choose just one because the kids are so creative. I have heard stories about golden robot arms, a family of minions with lots of personality, and thoughtful poetry about butterflies. I can't choose just one story!
What are you up to when you’re not volunteering with us?
 I am teaching filmmaking to my fourth graders, working on personal film projects, or on a film set.