Big Class students share their work at Writers' Resist New Orleans

On Sunday, January 15th, Big Class students shared their work at Writers Resist New Orleans, an event in collaboration with with PEN America, as part of a international day of readings championing freedom of speech, and the power of expression to change the world.

Quincy (Grade 8), Alekesis (Grade 8),  and Sanii (Grade 3) shared their work from our latest book, I Want You To Know Something About Me: Letters About The Election of Donald Trump by New Orleans Youth, available now to purchase here on our web site and at your local New Orleans book store.

Dear Obama,
You leaving the office makes me angry. I am
mad and angry because you were the first black president and you were president half my life. When you were president I felt safe. When I woke up and found out that D. Trump was president, my heart dropped.
But then, I realized that he isn’t my president. Barack Obama is forever going to be my president. Until another black president comes along like you, I’m going to pray that he doesn’t do anything stupid. He can’t send the majority of us to Africa because I was born in New Orleans. I’m going to start a rebellion against Trump and be a civil rights leader. I’m going to start an underground railroad and everything.
P.S. You forever are my president. 

Dear Donald Trump,
I’m not angry you’re president; I’m even more motivated to prove you wrong about the Black community.
I would like you to change your opinion of Blacks. All Black people aren’t criminals. For example, I am very ambitious about becoming the very first African American to become a doctor and model to make it out of New Orleans. I love where I came from because it gives me a different way of seeing the world.
I wake up and look at this day as another chance to prove myself to the world that I’m not just another kid from the hood living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve overcome a lot of things to become the person that I am today. You are a very disrespectful person, but you encourage me to do better.

Dear Donald Trump,
I think you should fix the holes in the streets because it feels like our cars are going to break, and people would not like that.
Also, Donald Trump, I think you need to help with the environment. In our neighborhood it’s bad because our drains are bad, and when storms come, it floods because the drains are not fixed.
Also, Donald Trump, I would like to write about trees because if we don’t have trees, we will not have oxygen or paper, and so our animals will have freedom.
P.S. Please read my note, and please make this change. 





Dear Viviana,
I know you’re really mad about Donald Trump being president, but don’t worry, it’ll all get better. I remember you telling me that when you were at school you talked about the election with your teacher and that she told you to just keep your head up high and not be afraid. I want you to take her advice and keep moving forward no matter what happens, okay?Today in school my teacher had us use the hashtags #iamthefuture and #icanchangetheworld, and he made us think about how we can change the world and how we are the future.
I realized that we are the future because we can change the world.
By just using the power of youth, we can make this earth better than it’s ever been, all it takes is young minds like yours and mine. Long story short, don’t be afraid because sooner or later you will be that voice that everyone looks up to.
Your Auntie,