#BigClassBestTen: Purple Zine

After the world lost Prince, Big Class and DJ Soul Sister collaborated to celebrate the creativity, self-expression, and poetry that inspired so many.

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In 2016, friend of Big Class DJ Soul Sister hosted Revolution: A Prince Celebration to honor Prince and his timeless artistry, generously donating a portion of the proceeds to our free writing programs.

The following year, we teamed up with Soul Sister to elevate youth voice and forge a connection between Writers' Room students and Prince's powerful legacy. 

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The first-ever Purple Zine is born!

Writers' Room students and DJ Soul Sister discussed the prolific artist and listened to his music on vinyl before writing.

Students wrote acrostics, free-verse poems, and collections of questions for Prince.

Purple Pain
Can’t reign on Prince’s game Ain’t it a shame
That they put dirt on his name After his claim to fame They try to disdain his legacy He’s a purple Pegasus pleasantry.



       New Music & Sound

Positivity is something you show.                            Respect is something that you have for people.
Inspirational to many people. New music and sound is what you bring to the people. Courageous is what you are because you are brave Exciting music is what you give us.








Prince gave to the outspoken silenced and rose above society’s ideals Ringing in our ears opportunity and change

In life acceptance was his middle name.
Now he’s risen above the heaven and his legacy lives on through our ideas Changes he made and worked for more

Eternity shall scream the name Prince even when it closes the door



Thank you, DJ Soul Sister!

Prince 4EVER