#BigClassBestTen: Courageous, Eccentric, Diverse

After the Confederate monuments came down in New Orleans, Homer Plessy Community School third graders authored a book of their ideas for new monuments for our city—monuments for all people.

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Ranging from Ruby Bridges to beignets and crawfish, 

Ms. Amy's third grade class imagined new monuments for New Orleans that best represent our city.

jibril monument.jpg

Homer Plessy monument by Jibril

"Did you know that Homer Plessy broke the law?

But he did it for a good cause. He was sitting on a railroad car only for white people. He was a part of the Plessy vs. Ferguson case. Plessy argued that it should be legal for black people to sit at the front of the railroad car. 

Homer Plessy deserves a monument because he doesn’t have one and he’s brave and strong with words."

alligators monument.jpg

Alligator monument by London

"Alligators eat a lot of little sh. They live in the swamp around New Orleans. Mommy alligators carry the babies in their mouths because they want them to go to sleep on the water. Sometimes they carry them on their heads and back too.

Alligators are really fast and strong. They can live to be 100 years old. We should make a monument to this animal because it is prehistoric and a survivor."

In classic Big Class fashion, we concluded the project with a reading and publishing party where students held their completed book in their hands and celebrated with friends, family, educators, and community members.

Thank you to Homer Plessy Community School, partner teacher Amy Dickerson, Cartoon Network via 826 National, and Teaching Tolerance.

Purchase Courageous, Eccentric Diverse: New Monuments for New Orleans here.