Lesson Plan: Letters to the President

To celebrate I Want You To Know Something About Me hitting the shelves of local bookstores, we decided to share a lesson plan to help your students write letters to the president, or other political leaders.

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Letters to the President Lesson Plan (1st-5th grade)

Do you want to write a letter to Donald Trump? What would you like to say to him? The following steps could help you craft a strong letter to the president.

Think about what you’re feeling, and why. Create a bubble map.
In the center of the bubble, put what you’re feeling the most. Around the bubble, add the reasons why you feel that way.

Use the bubble map to develop your writing.
Write a little bit more about each of your reasons. That helps explain why you’re feeling that way. Each of these reasons can be a paragraph in your letter.

Organize your thoughts in a letter format.
Letters have a special format. Use the body to organize your paragraphs. You may want to include an introduction of yourself as a first paragraph! Add a heading, greeting, closing, and a signature.

Send your letter to the president.
You have a voice that deserves to be heard! Send your letter to the president at the address below:

The President of the USA (Or write the President's name)
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500