Student Writing: "Lisa and the Alien Adventure" by Rayann Hall

One day, Lisa and her alien friend from her home planet, Zooiftfoot, heard a loud bang. It was a great giant book, and the great giant book knocked down a willow tree. Lisa had ripped out all of the pages, 1-10,000 pages and ripped the cover off. Lisa did not want to be killed.

The great giant book went back to the brutal king. The brutal king was red hot and destroyed the great giant book. He was mad that he did not kill Lisa. The great giant book got blasted all the way to outer space.

Then, Lisa’s alien friend went back to her home planet. Her friends said, “I hope you visit one day. Bye bye.”

“One day, I will visit. One day, I will,” said Lisa.

Lisa was a curious girl, very curious. There was a greenhouse, that had moss growing all over it. People said the house was haunted. But, Lisa didn’t believe it. Lisa went into the haunted house, and she was walking around. She didn’t see anything ghostly. Then the ghost was waiting for the right time to cut her into four pieces. When Lisa passed by, the ghost cut her into four and she came back together. The ghost thought she was going to die. But it was just the brutal king coming down to bring her back home in outer space.  

Lisa refused to give the king the crown, that was protected by Oracle gems. Graymoor put Lisa in a dark dungeon. She escaped when Graymoor was too busy, trying to get Arianna and Natalia to tell them all of her secrets. They refused to tell Graymoor all of her secrets. Lisa had got the crown while he was too busy, trying to get Natalia and Ariana to spill her secrets.

When she got the crown, she got Graymoor to come out of the dungeon with Natalia and Ariana in it. When he came out, Lisa had destroyed the evil king and the minions. Lisa returned to earth, cast a spell, and freed the people in the black crystal.

When she cast the spell, she said, “Crystal Solvinda.” Lisa is staying on Earth, and they lived happily ever after.