Student Writing: "Tricking Donald Trump" by Archie Greenhouse

My trickster is a snake, and his name is Jose Lopez Jalson, and one day, he tricked his sister, a baby girl snake named Charlotte. He put a scary doll next to her, so that when she woke up, she screamed. 

Also he used to trick his mother a lot. One time, Jose tricked his mother into going outside to look at something, and she said, “What is it, Jose?” 

And Jose said, “It’s right there,” and he pointed in the distance. And then he turned around, and ran inside, and slammed the door and locked her out.

He used to trick a lot of people, too, and even babies who had just come out of their moms’ stomachs. The babies would cry, and after that he would yell, “Hahahaha, I tricked you!!” and he would run away very fast, like Flash. 

Jose was a mean snake, and he wore white Jordans, and he drove a blue Lamborghini. One time, he even tried to trick Donald Trump because he didn’t want him to become president. He went to the White House with all of his snake family members, and one was a big king snake. They slithered into every room in the White House, and they scared all of the Trump family members, including his daughter Ivanka. Donald Trump got so scared that he ran out of the White House, and they had to take him to the hospital he was so out of breath. The doctors had to calm him down. When he felt better, he went back to the White House and packed his clothes, and went in the kitchen, and the snakes were still there, and they had slithered all over the kitchen. 

So he said,  “I’m not living in the White House any more,” and he went to live in the Gulf of Mexico, and stayed there for the rest of his life.