Workshops Coming in Fall: Good Troublemakers

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Big Class is coming back into classrooms with a new workshop series, situated in the present moment in our city and our schools. As schools plan to unify under one central school district by the summer of 2018, it is an opportune time for those who will be most affected by this plan–students–to voice their concerns, hopes, and dreams for how schools should look. 

A Good Troublemaker is a person who sees something that needs to be changed to make the world better, and does something to try to change it. There are lots of ways to be a Good Troublemaker; Big Class calls for change through writing.

This fall, Good Troublemakers workshops will be held in classrooms around the city to gather input from students ages 6-18 about their school and their thoughts about what schools in New Orleans can and should be. The writing produced in these workshops will contribute to a proposal for school redesign, written by young New Orleanians and published by Big Class.

Click here to apply and bring Good Troublemakers to your classroom.