In the News: Pizza Poetry in the Advocate

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By Susan Larson

The New Orleans Advocate

April 19, 2017

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If you order a pizza on Friday, there might be something special on the box.

On that night, pies from G’s PizzaGarage PizzaMid City PizzaPizza Delicious and Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza will arrive with a poem on the cardboard, written by a young person in New Orleans.

Those stanzas and couplets have made a long journey from the creative mind of a young poet before being read by professional poets, educators and interns, attached to something delicious and delivered to your door.

It’s for a good cause: Pizza Poetry Day and the programs of Big Class, an innovative writing program dedicated to making the voices of New Orleans students ages 6-18 heard.

Those voices come through loud and clear in the innovative, funny, smart and imaginative poems that will add a little spice to your pizza on Friday. After Pizza Poetry Day, the poems will be collected and published in an anthology.

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