#WritingPromptWednesday: Pizza Poetry Couplets

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Armani showed us that couplets are not just meant for the Elizabethan era, and can be differentiated to fit most age groups and abilities. Couplets are two lines of poetry that make up a stanza. These two lines can be part of a longer poem, or can stand alone as a very short poem. Couplets usually rhyme, but do not have to.

How do you write a couplet poem?

There are multiple ways to approach writing a poem of couplets. You can try first thinking of a subject, like shoes.

Next, brainstorm a list of words associated with the subject:


Then, think of words that rhyme with the associated words:

feet - sweet
run - fun
cool - school
tough - rough

Lastly, write sentences using the rhyming words:

Shoes are needed for my feet.
Wearing them is really sweet. 

And there's a couplet!

We are now accepting submissions for the 5th Annual Pizza Poetry Project. If you are not able to bring us to your classroom for a free workshop, consider having your students try to write a couplet and submit it for consideration!