#WritingPromptWednesday: Odes

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Odes

Ode to the Mall

Getting things done.
Their nails and eyebrows
slayed, ‘cause if you’re not
slayin’ then what you saying.
Getting new clothes
and shoes, but those
new hairdos are the best;
it’s better than the rest.
I love the mall
because I love the shopping and the clothes,
and the mall loves me.
Me and the mall,
both so happy.

—Carmen, Grade 6, ARISE Academy

An ode is a poem of praise. They often highlight “ordinary” things, things that don’t typically get praise. Last year Carmen charmed us with her Ode to the Mall, and the things that made her happy about that special place.


How do you write an ode?

Odes do not have a set structure. To help students start their odes, have them pick a subject and brainstorm:

  • The reasons why they praise the subject

  • Feelings the subject gives them

  • Adjectives to describe the subject

  • Actions the subject does

Have students circle words and phrases that stick out to them from their brainstorms to include in their poem. Ask students to try writing directly to their subject:

Oh ice cream,
You are cold and delicious
I love you on a hot day.

We are now accepting submissions for the 5th Annual Pizza Poetry Project. If you are not able to bring us to your classroom for a free workshop, consider having your students try to write an ode and submit it for consideration!