#WritingPromptWednesday: Pizza Poetry Fractured Nursery Rhymes


Everyone needs a little help sometimes to get started writing poetry. Changing the words of a well-known poem could be a good jumping-off point. Fractured Nursery Rhymes do just that. It’s fun to take a familiar nursery rhyme and change some of the words to make it funny.

How do you write a fractured nursery rhyme?

Fractured nursery rhymes have many different structures. To be successful, they should follow the same rhyme scheme/pattern of the original rhyme they are imitating.

Give Mary an animal other than a lamb.

Maybe something else twinkles other than a star.

Try giving the Old Woman a place to live other than a shoe.

Try your hand at a fractured nursery rhyme and share it with us! 

We are now accepting submissions for the 5th Annual Pizza Poetry Project. If you are not able to bring us to your classroom for a free workshop, consider having your students try to write a fractured nursery rhyme and submit it for consideration!