Ghostwrite the Future of Literary Arts in New Orleans

The Ghostwriters Guild is our new monthly-giving program named after the Haunting Supply Co. that will front our new youth writing center. The program will provide sustainable support to the 1,500 New Orleans youth we serve. By becoming a member of the Ghostwriters Guild, you'll receive "undying" gratitude and special benefits. Similar to the way you can become a member at a museum, our membership benefits are designed for you to deepen your engagement with our work. Membership benefits for monthly donors are based on their total annual giving. 

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Word ($10/month) provides supplies for our programs- pencils, paper, scissors, and other materials for magic-making. Benefits include: 15% off at the Haunting Supply Co., early updates on Big Class projects, and acknowledgement on our website. 


Sentence ($25/month) pays for a two-hour project based community writing workshop like Monster Lab or Unfathomable Map-Making. Benefits include: Word benefits plus an invitation to Big Class publication release parties, where young authors celebrate their accomplishments and read their work aloud. 


Paragraph ($50/month) allows a class of 30 elementary school students to write, illustrate, and publish an original book in a two hour Field Trip. Benefits include: Sentence benefits plus a copy of our annual report and a copy of a feature Big Class publication. 



Chapter ($100/month) offers one student the opportunity to receive dedicated one-on-one support during Open Studio After-School Tutoring and Writing for an entire year. Benefits include: Paragraph benefits plus an invitation to a private cocktail party with a special guest and other members of the Ghostwriters Guild. 


Book: ($250/month) Supports the Pizza Poetry Project, which publishes the poems of over 300 New Orleans area youth on the back of pizza boxes. Benefits include: Chapter benefits plus a VIP ticket to Dark and Stormy Night, our annual literary costume and cocktail party.