Big Class Books

All of our projects result in final products students can take home.  Some of them are publications.  You can buy many of them here!  You can also find our books currently at Defend New OrleansMaple Street Book Shop, and Non-Society Hands.

The New Orleans Haunting Supply Co.

The New Orleans Haunting Supply Co. supplies the ghostly denizens of the Crescent City with souls, human disguises, t-shirts, and other goods and services for the non-corporeal.

Following 826 National’s award-winning model, the storefront will provide a unique portal for Big Class students, families, volunteers, and supporters when our Youth Writing Center opens in Summer 2017.

All products are designed locally.

Lead Designer: Heather Muntzer
Product Designers: Julia Lavigne, Heather Muntzer, Jessica Peterson, Glynnis Ritchie,
Product Development: Hector Campbell, Amaya Smith, Kennedi Smith, Akilah Toney, Alaila Young

Interested in supplying ghosts with the goods and services they need? E-mail Doug at