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Make America Great Again

Make America great again. Make America “Great” again. Why is it that when I think of what makes America “Great,” it’s now my thought that what makes us “Great” is that our citizens know how to use guns. “Great” is what I think sarcastically when I walk in the door and see my parents watching the live coverage of yet another shooting in our “Great” country.

7 of 5. Ante up. I hear the quiet dealer in the back of my mind say. He waits, wanting me to pay out and leave so that he’ll have his money for the night.

“Great” would be not having students’ jaws broken due to minor disputes. “Great” would be not having abortion clinics shot up in the name of a so called god. “Great” would be not having to walk the streets every morning, fearing for my life because crime is now so common that when we see another mass shooting over the news, our thoughts are not of fear, but of disappointment and disgust. So is America truly “Great”? Is it what we all think it’s up to be?

As I’ve spoken before, in the city of New Orleans, there is an illusion of safety. “Why do you say that?” I hear you ask. Well my dear reader, I can tell you this: how can you call it safety when there have been multiple shootings in the past month in the high traffic areas of tourism? God forbid we fund the police force so that we have more officers with proper training so that not only are the tourist areas protected, but all of New Orleans. That is why we have block parties shot up. That is why we have one of our most populated streets attacked. That is why we have high death rates.

And yet, we need more guns. Because Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Say that to the victims. Say that to their families. Tell them that it wasn’t a gun that killed their daughter, their mother, their father, or their son. That it was just a person with a weapon. Because guns don’t kill people. It’s just that certain sound they make.