Syzygist Spotlight: Z'monte Harris

Age 16, attends Sci Academy. He is a writer, photographer, and when he takes pictures he sees the world in a totally different way.  

This is Z'monte's poem Small World, that he read at the Alvar Library Zine Fest

Society finds ways to trap the kid, trapping the kid, it did.  Brainwashed his whole way of life, but the kid wasn't afraid to fight. In a world full of lies and fakes, society made the kids life a big mistake.

Walking through the city with all his friends, laughing and smiling , in a city of sin. The kid took a wrong turn down Canaland was welcomed to his death from the demons of hell. The friendsleft him in the street, dead and on his way to the sky's peak.

The ghostof the kid still lurks the night, trying to  find people to haunt within his sight. Society has gone vivid. Killing people just to make their own way of living. It's sad when you realizehow he people living. Finding ways to grind just to feed their children. The kid couldn't believe his vision. People crying for help but the all the heroes missing. Its funny when you know that this is all realistic. To live in a small world that has gone ballistic .