Raven 1.25

The Pizza Poetry Project

Last Week was the first Pizza Poetry Volunteer Team meeting. It was a reasonable turn out. All of the volunteers who arrived seemed really excited about the project! They were also eager to get started on the outreach.

Following the meeting I went to the BYO Story event across from Pizza D, where we got a vague but existent shoutout from the host. I'm excite to start the PR and Social Media outreach so that all the info is prepared for future events. I'm looking forward to the launch of the 2016 Pizza Poetry website this week.

Open Studio

Last week at Open Studio we implemented a new system of check- in and check-out with the volunteers. It's helping with the reporie and communication. Today at Open Studio Maria came up with an awesome but simple idea to do stretches with the kids to help them get some of their energy from the school day out. 

I'm looking forward to building more relationships with the volunteers and students this week. As well as to implementing themed days and a snack system.