Eliza 2.15

Last week I had the orientation for the next round of Tulane service learners from the business class. In the first semester, the students in the class were allowed to choose from 6 nonprofits to work with, so the people who choose Big Class were at least marginally interested. This semester, students have been placed with an organization--and as far as I can tell, the placement is based more on timing and availability than preference. It's hard because in our programs volunteering is really designed for people who volunteer to do it--i.e. likely have some experience or interest. But it's also served as a reminder of the necessity to have continuous development and trainings for all volunteers.  Definitely want to have another Volunteer Writing Training in late Feb/Early March for this new crop of volunteers.

Tabled at the Urban League School Expo on Saturday with help from Alvin, Allie, And Alison. Went well, added a ton of families to the mailing list, spread the word about pizza poetry.

I've also been thinking through the last few weeks of my bookmaking class, and what we should be doing in class while the illustrators are working and the book is in production. I'm going to do a short unit on more DIY handmade books, to empower kids to continue to write and publish, even when they don't have immediate access to Big Class resources.