Mwende 3.31


This week was a slow one at Big Class. Groups of people were out for different reasons on different days so each day we had about 5 kids come through (Charleses out all week due to car accident so no transportation, but everyone is OK; Kentrell has broken finger; Hector at end of beading class etc). I was able to check in with all parents though except for Mr. Coleman, and reached back out to parents whose students have been in and out of Open Studio this year (Jamal, Chanaz, Rayford, Alaysha)

Ms. Olivia led a lesson for our Black History Almanac on Angela Davis that was very well received by the kids. At one point, Trekecia asked why we kept learning Black history and the other kids stepped in with their reasons before I did which was cool to hear their reasoning behind its importance.


Next week we will continue our poetry lessons in preparation for Pizza Poetry. I will be out Monday because Sheriff Gusman (aka Gusman San Diego) has finally crawled out of whatever hell hole spawned him to answer about the violence in the jail system at Justice and Beyond at 4:45pm because of our campaign to #RecallGusman and we are protesting so Raven will lead next week's Moody Monday lesson before we go back to poetry on Tuesday. I will also call parents Monday morning to check in on planned attendance for the week.