Patrice 3.7

Last Week the middle school students at Akili finished writing and typing their "Where I'm From," poems. These will go along with the "My Name is" story. They did a really good job. They also did very well with homework this week. It was not as difficult to get them to take it out and get it done before writing time. I started my Sonnet club at Sylvanie. The students learned all the rules of writing a sonnet and they understood it. They seem excited to write a group sonnet about New Orleans. 

This Week Hopefully, at Akili, we can start editing and revising the poems and begin the next step toward publication. I would also like to get the ball rolling with Kody's story, he was absent last week. At open studio I believe we are continuing the "Nutria Everywhere" stories. At Sylvanie we will start writing the New Orleans Sonnet. I plan to get very active on the Pizza poetry blog this week. I'm looking forward to another fun week with Big Class!