Eliza 4.11

Last Week:

Two of my newspaper students got to come on Akili's student council field trip to StudioBE. BMike gave us a tour, which was really great. Ty'Lan (one of the newspaper editors) is a big history nerd, so he was able to answer most of BMike's questions about his pieces. Ty'Lan is going to email BMike some follow-up questions for his article as well.


Students from NOCCA came to teach a pizza poetry workshop with one of the 2nd grade classes at Akili. They had students write persona poems, most from the perspective of animals or superheroes. The class went pretty well, but was very loosely-structured. I wish I had given the group more guidance beforehand on what materials to bring, how to structure the lesson, etc. One of the students wants to start volunteering regularly at Akili, so that is a success.


This week:

Tonight we're having a Volunteer Krewe Meeting, where we'll discuss the end of the year events calendar: DIY Pizza Parties, GiveNOLA Day, Volunteer Appreciation Night @ NOLA Brewery, Literary Luau, and Bingo for Cheaters. Lots!

3rd-5th grade aftercare is starting a collaboration with our old volunteer Lara's writing club with the Austin Bat Cave. We'll be writing stories and poems about our respective cities, and then pen-paling them back and forth.