Aubrey 5. 2

Last week- YAC had their final workshop in preparation for their end-of-year exhibition and culminating event at the Jazz and Heritage Foundation on May 28th. Drew Stubbs joined to give members a tutorial in Adobe Premiere. 

This week- I'll be designing the Literary Luau poster and continuing work on event logistics, I'm prepping the template for the YAC anthology of their year's work, I'm continuing work on the snowball stand budget for the Arts Council, I'll be typing at Greene, I'm drafting the Pizza Poetry intro from YAC's words—one young editor will read over and sign off on it—, and YAC has their final council meeting this Saturday.

Agenda topics include: drafting a youth bill of rights, discussing a new location for Big Class- your input is needed, summer employment opportunities with Big Class, youth programming for next school year, final exhibition needs

From the intro to Pizza Poetry: 

Julian- Young people have more time. Older people have jobs and bills to pay, so they don't always have time to document or write about things in the world. Young people are present in the world, we witness things. 

Brittany- Young people don't have spaces to share our words or opinions. Projects like Pizza Poetry create that space.